Looking after your hearing should be easy. That’s why we created SHIFT.

Let’s face it. Buying hearing aids can be expensive, complicated, and confusing. Just ask the 1 in 6 Australian adults who need them and the 70-80% who don’t get them.

SHIFT was created to make it simple, fast—less stressful. To clear away the hassle, the clinical jargon. To not chew into your hard-earned savings.

SHIFT will change the way you think about hearing aids.

SHIFT does more than sharpen your hearing. It leaves you empowered. Confident. In total control.

You can set it up, make adjustments and receive support on-the-go. All with an app on your tablet or phone.

There’s no need to visit a clinic or leave your comfort zone.

It's never been easier to look after your hearing

Order online

Order SHIFT online

Everything you need is shipped directly to your door.

Download the app

Download the app

Fine-tune your hearing experience with the SHIFT hearing app as your guide.

Optimise your sound

Optimise your sound

Set up SHIFT in a few simple steps and make optimisations on the go. 

SHIFT has it all: inside and out.

SHIFT hearing aids pack advanced lifestyle features into a sleek, modern design.

Stream personalised audio, make hands-free calls, and enjoy up to 18 hours of uninterrupted listening off a single, quick charge.

Help yourself—with a little backup.

SHIFT’s app sends you prompts that help you tune in to your surroundings. It also links you to How-To videos, demonstrations, and helpful FAQs.

And, when you need more support or a helping hand, get one-on-one access to a hearing expert by phone or email.

Is SHIFT right for you?

Our Quick Hearing Check helps you determine if a SHIFT hearing aid would boost your listening experience.

SHIFT Hearing Aid

We advise taking our quick ear-health check before checkout. Click Here

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